On one end – the world’s leading live entertainment company, on the other – so much more. We are privileged to bring live fan experience to the forefront through our extended work with artists. Encapsulating their creativity to life on stages around the world.


Whether we are showing venues, concerts, or fans in general, the Creative team strives to capture the energy from the event and display it in the best positive light. Concerts can mean so much more to the average attendee than just viewing their favorite artist on stage. The best performances can be transformative, for some – almost life-changing.


A key player in re-shaping the voice of Live Nation, with content, design, and everything the consumer and artists see’s. Challenged with aligning concert-goers’ experiences with the brand’s representation to the public eye.



Challenged with creating an engaging piece of content that encompasses the breath of Live Nation, Sponsorship, Venues, Touring, and the impact that the organization has on Live Music.



The Gorge Amphitheater, House of Blues, The Fillmore are only some of the venues with as rich of a history as the artist that come across the stages. In one video we were challenged to encapsulate Venue Nations footprint that consists of 100+ national venues and 220 venues worldwide.


Reshaping content for Live Nation.

Targeting more than 125 bespoke artist-led pieces of content a month that inspires, educates, and moves people.


Creative Director: Aldo Ortiz

Project Manager: Yvonne Mihai
Art Director: Keith VLK
Editor: Gabe Dos Santos