The Clash of Clans game team reached out for our help to create videos to introduce new season challenge skins for the hero characters.

The Warden Master Hero Skin


Embark on this season’s challenge to unlock the Warden Master Hero skin with the Gold Pass. Master the ancient art of combat as you wield the legendary gold staff and employ deceptive tactics, showcasing the prowess of the old wise sensei and the deadly accuracy of the slinging arrow.



A new season challenge skin hero character The Party Queen and a celebration of the 9th year anniversary (“Clashiversary 9”) of the game. The Party Queen skin is based on Lady Gaga along with a for-purchase-only skin called The Beat King.

Both skins are designed to look like European techno DJs, and the strategy is to portray them as featured players at the Clashiversary 9 Festival using familiar moments that you would encounter attending a festival. Each title card explores a different look inspired by the four unique festival types featured in the “9th Clashiversary Scenery.”




Gear up for an electrifying adventure as you unlock the Gladiator Champion skin in September’s Season Challenges. Complete the coveted Gladiator Hero skin set and wield the fearsome lightning spear to strike fear into the hearts of your adversaries.


Agency: Eyestorm Creative

Creative Director: Michael Kilma
Art Director: Aldo Ortiz
Producer: Amy Ebersole
Production Manager: David Lang
Project Manager: Michael Tousey