American Girl’s World By Us® introduces Makena, Evette, and Maritza, whose stories address social issues like racial equality, immigration, and environmentalism. These dolls reflect the diversity and positive attributes of American girls today, aiming to make the world a better place.




While the cause-oriented stories are inspiring, American Girl needed to ensure they resonated with audiences as playful and likable. They aimed to convey the message that girls can be passionate, proactive, and powerful while still being fun, fashionable, and friendly.



American Girl partnered with AvatarLabs to create unique content pieces that capture the spirit of World By Us®. They engaged tween influencer That Girl Lay Lay to write, choreograph, and perform an original hip hop song, “It’s a Beautiful World By Us”. With her vibrant style and massive following, Lay Lay embodied the confidence, style, and passion of World By Us®.


The song was integrated into a highly stylized music video featuring Lay Lay alongside the dolls in a colorful, animated world. The premiere at the American Girl Fashion Event in New York City and the simultaneous launch on YouTube garnered millions of views and engaged audiences with behind-the-scenes featurettes.



The music video garnered over 4.4 million combined views to date, with American Girl’s video becoming one of the top-performing of the year with 3.6 million views. Lay Lay’s channel gained 750,000+ views, attracting new subscribers even months after launch. The campaign successfully resonated with the target audience, blending entertainment with empowerment and social consciousness.


VP Creative Services: Laura Primack

Director, Client Services: Jess Amen
Creative Director/ Exec Producer: Aldo Ortiz
Director: Austin Kelley
Editor: Anita Foroughi
Animation: Christian Martinez, Gabi Fang
Motion Graphics: Diana Arana
Compositing: Dave Ives
Design: Kat Nieto