Pokémon GO


Portal A  teamed up with Google Play and The Try Guys to create an epic YouTube training series getting fans ready for Pokemon GO Fest.




Develop a standout content piece that raises awareness for Pokémon GO Fest while showcasing the exclusive rewards offered by Google Play in anticipation of the event.



Create a series of 12 interconnected videos on YouTube that encourage active participation, generating a wave of user-generated social content in the days leading up to GO Fest.



The series garnered over 5 million views across 95 different pieces of content, resulting in more than 115,000 hours of total watch time. Impressively, over half of the viewers watched beyond the introductory video.


Agency: Portal A

Creative Director: Kai Hasson
Creative Director (Art): Aldo Ortiz
Head of Design: Angela Chang
Head of Production: Elyse Preiss
Producers: Asia LeMasters, Adam Valeiras